Here’s some information about the lease  that you might find useful:

LEASE REGULATIONS – Obligations on Lessees and Sub-tenants

The following paraphrases some of the regulations in Schedules 7 and 3 of the lease and applies equally to all residents of Vanbrugh Court. If you are sub-letting, please ensure that each sub-tenant has a copy. This is a very simplified list, so please consult the lease itself (or the Managing Agent) for further details.

Schedule 7

1. Roof. It is expressly forbidden to climb onto the roof of the building. [Not only is it very dangerous, but it may also result in costly damage to the surface.] No private aerials or satellite dishes may be fixed to the roof

2. Quiet hours. These are between 23.00 – 08.00 hrs. Please ensure that you keep noise at a minimum during these hours. [This includes talking on the stairwells, music, radio and TV, chatting in the garden or parties. It is especially important during the summer, when open windows mean that noise on the garden side carries straight through into other flats. It also includes things like vacuuming, hammering, slamming of doors, etc, during these hours.].

3. Music. Music should not be so loud as to annoy neighbours, especially not between the hours of 23.00 and 08.00 hrs [see above].

4. Noise. Any noisy repair works may only be carried out between 09.00 -14.00, 16.00 –1 8.00 hrs Monday – Friday, and 09.00 – 14.00 hrs Saturday. All electrical devices must have suppressors fitted. [In practice, provided neighbours don’t object, it would be understandable if work continued during the lunch break.]

5. Animals. No animals to be kept in the flats without the Lessor’s written consent.

6. Bicycles, etc. No bicycles, tricycles, prams or other vehicles to be kept in flats or common parts, inc stairwells, except in designated areas [eg bike sheds].

7. Rubbish disposal. No rubbish to be left in the entrance halls, stairways or landings. [Rubbish for collection to be left securely wrapped in the bottom locker beside your front door, for collection in the mornings Monday – Friday. Any overflow should be taken straight to the large bin shed, please ask Alan for the key code. The Council will remove larger items on request – please speak to the caretaker. Do NOT put large items outside until they are due for collection by the council. Building debris should be removed by the contractor on a daily basis and the stairwells left clean. Recycling bins and green waste bags are in the main bin shed. See notices on stairwell notice boards for current information.]

8. Stairways, landings and entrance halls. These are to be kept clear of furniture, rubbish and any other potential obstruction. [This includes bikes, buggies, etc.] Children may not play in the stairwells or hallways.

9. Balconies. No laundry should be hung on balconies, at or out of windows, or in the common parts such as hallways or the garden. They may not be used for the storage of unsightly items and care must be taken that nothing can fall and injure passers-by [eg flower pots].

10. Flooring. Floors to be covered with carpet and underlay, except in bathrooms, kitchens and lavatories. [You should be aware that undue noise from any other flooring fitted might result in the lease being rigorously enforced].

11. Advertisements. No advertising or any other notices to be displayed in the windows or on the outside walls [this includes “For Sale” signs and campaign posters].

12. Windows. All windows to be furnished with curtains of a colour and design suitable to the building [see also para 9 above].

Schedule 3

13. Building works/alterations

Not to make any alterations to the flats, including party walls/ceilings, internal and load-bearing walls without prior written permission from the Lessor and the Maintenance Trustee, and subject to approval by the Surveyor. All expenses connected with such application to be paid by the Lessee.

14. Sub-letting

Not to sublet part or whole of the flat without prior permission of the Lessor. [In practice, this means notifying the Freeholder’s solicitor and paying a fee every time there is a change of sub-tenant.]

15. Selling

Not to sell part or whole of the flat without prior permission of the Lessor [Licence to Assign]


Words in square brackets and italics are additional comment on the lease provisions.

Lessor = Freeholder

Lessee = Leaseholder

If you have any queries about the above list, please consult the Managing Agent.